420 Jamaica Tours

About 420Jamaicatours

We curate unique and unforgettable Jamaica vacations that combine the beauty of the island with immersive cannabis tours and experiences.

420Jamaicatours is a specialty travel service company located in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. We curate and custom design weedcation packages based on your personality and budget.

If you have done all the touristy stuff in Jamaica, and now want to experience the REAL Jamaica, a Jamaican weedcation may just be for you.

We can custom design your experience to YOUR personality and budget. Whether you want to backpack in a hostel or a Rasta treehouse in the mountains we’ve got you covered.  

If luxury accommodations by the ocean are more your style, we have options that will exceed your expectations. And for those looking to rejuvenate and find inner peace, our wellness retreats offer healing experiences with activities like yoga, meditation, and soothing seaside massages. You name it, we will try to find it.

What better place to enjoy your cannabis experience than in Jamaica.

Book one of our individual or group packages or tailor a vacation exclusively for you and your guests. 

420Jamaicatours Unlocks the Ultimate Cannabis Vacation:

Expertise in Jamaica's Cannabis Scene:

Our travel agents possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in Jamaica’s cannabis industry, including the best cannabis tours, local regulations, and cannabis-friendly accommodations. 

Tailored All-Inclusive Packages:

Planning an all-inclusive vacation that includes cannabis tours requires specialized knowledge and connections. Our packages encompass accommodations, transportation, meals, and exclusive cannabis tour experiences, ensuring a seamless hassle-free getaway.

Access to Exclusive Cannabis Experiences:

With our industry connections, we offer access to exclusive cannabis experiences and events in Jamaica. Whether it’s visiting local cannabis farms, participating in cannabis cooking classes, or attending cannabis-themed festivals, we can create unforgettable and unique experiences for you.

Compliance with Local Regulations:

Navigating the legal aspects of cannabis tourism in Jamaica can be complex. We ensure that all parts of the trip, including cannabis-related activities, comply with local laws and regulations. We stay updated on any changes or restrictions, providing a safe and legal experience.

Enhanced Convenience and Peace of Mind:

Our agent handles all the arrangements, including bookings, transportation, and coordinating cannabis tour logistics, allowing you to relax and fully immerse yourself in your cannabis-infused getaway. Excludes flights to and from Jamaica.

Insider Tips and Recommendations:

We can provide valuable insights, recommendations and insider tips on the best cannabis-related experiences in Jamaica so you have an authentic and enjoyable experience.